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Timing and Solar Nutrition.

Modern science is beginning to uncover the wisdom and knowledge left behind by ancient cultures. The knowledge, which in many cases conceptually and practically far more advanced than what the modern societies of the world are trying to profess today.
An integral part of our very existence, it was practiced by the Mongolian tribes over 100 centuries ago and rediscovered in the last century by a brilliant modern day Swami, this concept may be the key to optimum level of health and graceful aging.
Not surprisingly, it is all about timing.
The human organism is an integral part of nature. The existential process we call life, success of which greatly depends on our physical state, must be timed to the physical laws of nature. No sane person can doubt that the only way to fully realize our potential is to live in accordance with these laws.
So where do we begin? How do we tackle this daunting task? Does this suggest the use of another complicated diet plan or trick expensive product? Is this some wacky new age lifestyle that denounces all pleasure for the promise of everlasting life?
Not at all. To understand this concept it doesn't take a Phd or even a high school diploma. All it takes is a moment of closer examination of what makes all life on earth possible.

What is the main source of energy that gives life to every biological organism on planet Earth? - The Sun.
How does the sun do it? - By way of charging the electric particles we call light.
How does the light create and sustain life? - By way of synthesis.
Plants synthesize light by way of photosynthesis. Animals and humans eat plants and animals and synthesize the resulting energy into the life sustaining energy by way of metabolism.
Based on this information, it is easy to see that essentially humans are light beings. We literally "eat" light!
So now, lets briefly examine this edible solar radiation and what does it have to do with the concept of timing.
The spectrum of light generated by the sun, changes within the 24 hour period. This creates different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. Each of these frequencies is timed to carry the life giving energy at certain time of day. And so by design, different plants and animals require specific light spectrum for growth and development and they receive it during specific time of day, when the geometrical relationship between the sun and the earth make this spectrum available.
Humans perceive different hues of sun radiation and regulates our 24 hour circadian rhythms via:
1. The pituitary gland in our brain
2. The skin triggering the production of melanin
3. The heart's built in genetic clocks
4. The gut and the liver's food regulation mechanisms
5. Sex and exercise time and intensity
All of these mechanisms turn on Circadian genes that in turn govern the biological activity of all the functions of the human organism.
Most people can consciously sense the difference between the morning, afternoon and evening light hues, but do not give it much thought beyond timing of their daily chores. Our cells, however, have much deeper understanding of what each light spectrum initiates on physiological level and abide by this universal law whether we care or not. It is now known that the Circadian rhythms of 24 hours govern fundamental physiological functions in almost all organisms.

The amazing design of the human organism allows us to consume all frequencies of the light spectrum created by solar radiation.

But the timing of consumption of each type of the light spectrum plays a crucial role.
For optimum nourishment, food sources that synthesize the light spectrum available at certain time period are best eaten during that time period.
This means that edible source of energy containing the frequency of ultraviolet radiation synthesized by plants in the morning hours, is most suitable for human consumption during the morning hours. This source of food comes from plants that are grown on trees.
Frequency of ultraviolet radiation which is prevalent during the afternoon hours is most suitable for human consumption during the daytime hours. This source of energy comes from plants grown on bushes and close to the ground. And consistent with the common proverb "you are what you eat eats" - this also include the animal products of the animals that eat those plants.
Finally the plant and animal food sources that convert the available infrared radiation during the evening hours are best consumed in the evening hours. These sources of food come from the roots, cacti plants, most seafood, and plants which roots grow from under water.
Solar Nutrition simplifies the basic concept of healthful food combining, making it a straightforward, convenient and easy concept to implement in our daily lifestyle:

Proper food combining is not what to eat with what, but when to eat it.

Creating and sustaining a successful eating plan greatly depends on understanding of your own natural design and individual genetic heritage. All Biofoodcare lifestyle plans are designed to assist our clients in finding the most natural and fulfilling ways to enjoy their chosen lifestyle.
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by Eli Katz / 11.11.11

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