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Fat - the good, bad and ugly.

When Matias showed up for his follow up session, which was scheduled for just over one month from the initial appointment, he appeared visibly different. He looked much slimmer, his skin has cleared up and appeared quite radiant despite the usual gloom of New York's winter. At our session he sipped the customary tea I serve during the consultations and spoke enthusiastically about the changes in his lifestyle and how much more energy he felt. Matias was clearly inspired. The theory behind my approach appealed to him and sunk right in, but there was this one thing that he just couldn't make sense of. When I asked Matias what it was, he just shook his head and said, "I just don't understand, how could I be eating all this fat and slim down all at the same time!"

This question comes up quite often during consultations and rightfully so. After all, for years we have been taught to avoid fat as the plague. Indeed there are types of fat that would fit this description, but on the other hand there are types of fat that are crucial sources of nourishment and serve as the pillars of health. Consuming these types of fats is crucial for proper hydration, elimination and all other processes that are essential to the life of a human organism. When Matias' dietary habits received the much needed overhaul, his body had thanked him by shedding the unnecessary weight, increasing his energy levels and with a few other positive changes he hadn't even expected.

By Eli Katz, NC 01.10.10

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