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The Human Digestive System

This multiphase marvel of evolution is brilliantly designed to protect, fuel and nurture every organ of the human body. The Human Digestive System is possibly the most complex biological mechanism in existence.

Phase 1:

It all starts with a thought:

As you start pondering your next meal, or simply encounter an enticing food odor, the brain sends signals to your body to prepare for what's coming and the body responds by raising the heart rate, metabolism and getting the digestive juices ready to secrete.

Phase 2:

The Mouth:

Digestion starts in your mouth. Digestive enzymes are secreted in to saliva to start breaking down Carbohydrates - the easiest food group to assimilate

Chewing food properly is important for at least 2 reasons:

1. Insufficiently processed food slows down digestion and in many cases causes intestinal problems.
2. You can't taste the true flavor of the food; It takes time for the enzymes to break down the sugars in the food. Next time you are served some delicious food, chew it longer to truly appreciate the cook's talent. 3. Saliva, is a part of important timing mechanism which governs nutrient absorption, cellular respiration and daily biorhythms.

Phase 3:

The Esophagus:

Both the air you breath and food you have now successfully chewed are traveling down the same road. So it is important that food is well processed and coated with saliva (another reason to chew well) to minimize traveling time and keep your throat clear and healthy. The Esophagus uses a rhythmic wave called peristalsis to send food down to the next phase of digestion.

Phase 4:

The Stomach:


This large sack-like organ, churns, dices and turns food into chyme with consistency suitable for absorption. Parietal glands secrete HCL - an extremely potent acid that begins breaking down proteins and also serves as primary defense mechanism, disarming the potential invaders and turning them into usable energy. The enzyme Pepsin, needed for protein digestion is also secreted along with a small quantity of Lipase - the enzyme needed for fat digestion. The more fat is in the food - the longer the food will stay in the stomach. This can give us a good idea into which foods are best combined in the same meal. Improper combination of food and prolonged course of acid blocking medications can severely compromise the primary functions of the stomach and have a detrimental effect on your health.

Phase 5:

The Small Intestine:

That coiled hose you see in the above pix is the “small intestine”, which is hardly small, virtually all of the nutrient absorption happens here. What is important to know: If you properly combined your ingredients, properly prepared (or had an expert do that for you) and chewed your food well, you will absorb your food faster and feel lighter and more energetic. Due to the function of this super organ, it's natural design allows for self repair and even complete replacement of it’s lining every 3 to 5 days. In this phase the help of Pancreas, Liver and Kidneys is utilized to release enzymes, bile, filtering out toxins and manufacture essential components necessary for all body functions.

Phase 6:

The Large Intestine (Colon):

This waste management organ’s functions are to absorb water and remaining nutrients from the chyme. It hosts civilizations of critically beneficial bacteria, working hard to make your elimination experience a pleasant one. It is crucial to keep these symbiotically dwelling organisms in balance. Replenishing their population and providing them with the right fuel in forms of fiber, pre-biotics, and adequate amount of water will insure proper elimination and strong immune system.

Human digestive system is truly fascinating

It plays a major role in fueling, detoxifying and protecting your body from foreign invaders. It manufactures hormones for mood regulation and proper brain functions, and assures vitality and health of reproductive organs. From this brief account you can see that it is in your best interest to keep this marvel of evolution in the best possible shape.

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Essential Nutrients