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Diets, do they really work?

Dieting is a big industry. There are many "so called" diet gurus and other self pro-claimed experts that create commercially viable diets that are essentially based on taking advantage of social stigmas and the misfortune of people who desperately need a lifestyle change. Remarkable amounts of dieting books, artificial food products, mysterious herb supplements and a plethora of exercise gadgets are released in to the market every year, but America is not getting any healthier or any slimmer.

Thousands of people jump in to the abyss of dieting - head first, just to find out how futile it is. And not only it is futile, often it is quite harmful. Totally unscientific and shocking changes in the daily food composition, cookie cutter approach and idiotic blanket statements like "Fat is bad for you", or "All carbs are evil" bring only the additional burden to the hapless folks, desperately trying to obey the 'current flavor of the day' stigma - proclaiming size 2 and protruding abdominal muscles as the ultimate ticket to happiness.

But the nature of reality will always have the last word. As we now know, all humans greatly differ in biochemical composition. This vast variety emerged from millions of years of the human gene formation, fueled by the available food choices of our ancestors, inter-marrying, and all the way to the effects of individual lifestyle and the environment of today's world. And all these factors continue to map the intricate web of human biochemistry and contribute to the constant changes in every individual's requirements for health and graceful aging.

If there was one common foundation diet, it would have to be comprised of undenatured food prepared in the way that best allows it's natural chemical elements to be absorbed by the human digestive system. This health promoting food must provide energy, comfort and pleasure every time it is consumed.

The above guidelines are used in all the Biofoodcare formulated regimens and products. The modifications are made only to accommodate the clients lifestyle and specific health condition requirements.

Contact BioFoodCare today and together will be able to select a regimen that best suits your current goals whether you are trying to improve your health, do a routine cleanse or improve your energy levels and daily performance.

By Eli Katz, NC / 02.21.10

Essential Nutrients