The art and science

of Culinary Nutrition

Being healthy should taste as good as it feels

Most people think of healthy eating as a tiring, overcomplicated experience that comes at an exuberant price. Much of today's media is making it even more confusing by pushing the products of high paying sponsors. At the end of the day, you, the consumer, hungry and overwhelmed, are heading to the familiar fast food joint to get your daily dose of mystery grub, that can hardly be called food.
This unfortunate pattern is likely to lead to diseases, a compromised lifestyle and premature aging....

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BioFoodCare PRO
Sports Nutrition redefined

In the highly competitive world of professional sports, all systems of human organism are placed under tremendous levels of stress. The mechanism regulating the metabolism of human energy is the critical factor that affects the performance and recovery. Optimization of the biological pathways that produce, sustain and regulate the human energy is the primary focus of this system. The main elements I focus on when working with individual athletes or teams are as follows…

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Holistic Wellness with BioFoodCare

Contrary to popular belief, the human body is not a contraption with parts that can be mechanically repaired or replaced. Rather, it is a fascinating universe of complex ecosystems that live in a constant state of communication. All of these ecosystems are populated by living, breathing, eating and waste producing cellular organisms. The state of health of these microorganisms determines the state of health of the entire human body. Your body. So how do you keep them healthy?…

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  • Culinary Nutrition

    It is beautiful and delicious, it is sexy and healthy all at the same time!

  • Sports Nutrition

    Without properly individualized nutrition the full potential of an athlete can not be realized.

  • Holistic wellness

    Toxic diet, toxic thoughts, toxic environment and lack of proper physical exercise will lead to chronic illness.